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 Rent for room in Taipei

Rent for room in Taipei is perfect for students,travelers or teaching or those who do not want tostay in a typical hotel. We want responsible and respectful people who planning to come toTaipei ,we can help you from picking you up at the airport,to giving you advice about travel or study or teaching or getting around Taipei or Taiwan.


How much does it cost to rent a room?


   Our all inclusive Taipei rooms for rent start at US$300. per/person per/night about NT$300.for the most basic space with a single bed (shared bathroom), to our premium bedrooms that are quite spacious with double or queen sized beds for $450 and up ,En-suite units start at $465. per/person per/night about NT$450 and go up to $500. We have several price points in between those as well, based on size and location.


How do I make a reservation?

please write e-mail to us,more questions please feel free to contact to TaiwanMex.Thank you

The e-mail



How long can I rent a room?

    You can rent a room for as little as 1 week or as long as you want.


What about Laundry?

    Laundry - A Auto washer machine  is availble for your use free . We ask that you supply your own  detergent and fabric softener.


How many bathrooms are there?

   There is one bathroom shared between each apartment. You are required to clean the bathroom after use and each resident is required to do a through cleaning on a weekly basis.


How long does it take to get downtown?


    You're in the downtown and We are located in the heart of the magic Taipei.A minute to 5 minutes you will arrive Taipei Main Station by the walk. All contact details will be on the confirmation email that you will get after you book.



What about the telephone?

    The telephone is available for TaiwanMex and emergency situations only. Most long term residents purchase a mobile phone or mobile phone of SIM card or use skype or international telephone card.


Do you have access to the Internet?

    All residents have access to Wireless High Speed Internet (WIFI).


Is there smoking allowed in the rooms?


Our house is nonsmoking and Taipei city indoor is nonsmoking too.


Do I have a lock for my room?

  Each individual room has their own room key and entrance key too.


How far is the grocery store?

 Downstairs to 5 minutes walk.


How far is the library?


Three minutes to 5 minutes walk.


Where is the house located?


    We have to made sure our location is within walking distance of the Subway Station (MRT)as we know that People don't want to worry about navigating an unfamiliar bus or subway system when they first arrive.(Subway Taipei Main Station )  

Latitude:25.050177 and Longitude:121.5196026


How much does it cost to take a bus or train in Taipei?

Bus from NT$15. US$0.51.

Subway from NT$20. US$0.69.

Train from NT$18. US$0.62.

Taxi from NT$70. US$2.4. by metered.






How far is public transit?

Buses - A or 5 minutes walk you can arrive.

Bus Station - A or 5 minutes walk you can arrive.

Subway Station  - A or 5 minutes walk you can arrive.

Train Station -  A or 5 minutes walk you can arrive.

High Speep Train Station -  A or 5 minutes walk you can arrive.

Taxi - Downstairs.


What about overnight guests?

   Overnight guests may be allowed if notified and approved in advance. Guests will be required to pay 25%.